Better Business Outcomes talks to leaders and senior communicators about the areas where you should be focusing to build personal and organisational resilience.

About Better Business Outcomes

This podcast for directors and management teams explores how public relations can support the creation of value through strategy planning, decision making, risk management and stakeholder engagement. 

Societal inequalities, the environment and cost of living crisis mean that it is more important than ever for organisations to understand the role of public relations PRs and their own contribution to society. 

Presented by Sarah Waddington and Stephen Waddington

The Latest Episode of
Better Business Outcomes

On this episode of Better Business Outcome, Stephen Waddington from Wadds Inc. welcomes author and geo-political risk researcher Dr Stephanie Hare.

They discuss:

 ·  Why technology has such an outsized share of voice and the issues and the range of issues that it is blocking out of the news agenda

 ·  Why the enthusiasm and optimism that characterised the web in the eighties and nineties has given way to a much bleaker perspective

 ·  Regaining control of data and technology, and looking forward to the social media era of the web

·  The need for clarity on environmental, society and governance (ESG) metrics as they relate to business

·  How ethics is driving the latest wave of innovation in artificial intelligence and why that’s a good thing

 ·  The future of Twitter. Is is a technology platform, product, or hive mind

 ·  Why integrity drives better business outcomes


Presented by Sarah Waddington and Stephen Waddington

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