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Presented by Emma Goswell, Coming Out Stories will take you to one the most important moments in many people’s lives.
It will perch you on sofas in suburban sitting rooms, stand you in front of officials’ desks, put you at the centre of a crowd in a noisy classroom, everywhere where these conversations have happened.

It doesn’t even matter if you haven’t had a conversation like this yourself, or indeed ever plan to. Everyone can recognise the innate human desire to love and be loved, and that’s what these stories are about.  

Coming Out Stories: The Book

Published in January 2021, Coming Out Stories is now available in print form!

Esteemed TV Writer and Producer Russell T Davies said of the book:

  • This is written with so much heart. It’s full of love and hope and liberation. Even the tougher stories are told with strength and the potential for change. From Stonewall, to Jamaica to Canal Street, the writers speak with such honesty and insight, it’s thrilling. And they’re hilarious too! This book is so vital, it’ll be a talisman for so many, a beacon, a path out of the shadows. It should be in every school and home, to reach out to those in need, or those remembering their own journey. It made me cry, it made me hoot, it made me rage and it made me think. I think, really, I learnt from this. The book contains so many voices from the next wave of queer identity, it taught me better ways to talk and react and help. That’s wonderful!

Coming Out Stories: Personal Experiences of Coming Out from Across the LGBTQ+ Spectrum is available from all good book shops including:




From Amazon Reviews:

I have to say I wish this book had existed at all the points of my life when I was thinking about coming out. The stories aren’t all positive to start with, but the ones I’ve read so far do demonstrate that no matter what happens in the initial moment, things do get better. They might not look how we hoped but it will be okay.

Would be a great handbook for teachers , counsellors etc. Highly recommended. We need more books like this.
A. P. Holt

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Coming Out Stories

 Moe Ari Brown, was born into a working-class, religious family and raised on the South side of Chicago amid the Black church's rich traditions. Moe felt invisible  during their youth but at college, they had an epiphany – that gender identity and sexuality are not fixed points but vibrant spectrums.

As a relationship therapist and guide, Moe's insights are not only personal milestones but also lighthouses for others on similar journeys, from their bisexual awakening to the discovery of a transgender community that felt like home.
Moe also discusses the tribulations that bisexual daters encounter!

Find Moe on instagram here and check out their NFAQ page on Hinge here.

Presented by Emma Goswell

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