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Paula Hansen, SAP Customer Experience Chief Revenue Officer, captures the stories, expertise and practical advice of thought leaders, executives and futurists who are defining the CX of tomorrow. Hear about advancements in technology that are helping to redefine customer experience and learn how your peers are leveraging new ideas to transform business today.

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On this, the final episode in this season of ExPEERience, we’re looking at CX of the future. How is what your customers are expecting from their experiences changing? How can we deliver the experiences of tomorrow? And how will technology like AI and machine learning play a part? Here’s who is joining me and just some of the future-forward wisdom they’re sharing:

  • Blake Morgan, customer experience futurist and author, tells me that the bar for using customer experience as a competitive differentiator is already quite low and that brands will have to go above and beyond with technology, to build experiences that delight tomorrow’s customers.
  • Jay Baer, of Convince and Convert, reminds us that CX initiatives are like escalators in that they never reach the top, but just keep going in a circle; and that customer experience is a process, not a project that will ever be completed.
  • Tom Cheesewright, author and applied futurist, doesn’t think AI is going to replace the human experience, but that human interaction will climb up the value chain as artificial intelligence gets more capable.
  • Greg Chapman, of The Pocket CMO, sees a future world where predicting behavior and purchase cycles allow things like chatbots to become more personalized and start to deliver significant value to customers’ experiences.
  • Chris Brogan, digital and brand strategist, thinks personalization is not even in its infancy, and future AI-driven experiences will be seen as neither creepy nor invasive when they deliver customer experiences people are genuinely excited about.
  • Bruce Temkin, head of the Qualtrics XM Institute, says the true power of AI-enhanced CX will not be about optimizing the decisions customers make, but about optimizing the experiences they have with a brand.

And that’s just a start!

I really hope you enjoyed listening to this season of ExPEERience, and that hearing my conversations with executives, futurists, and thought leaders from across the world has started discussions in your business about how we can all better serve our customers; today and in the future.  

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I would like to thank the team responsible for the creation and production of ExPEERience: SAP Executive Producer, Melissa Lange; our production partners at Simpler Media, Evo Terra and Sam Walker; and the SAP team Ana Amman, Tram Anh Nguyen, Tara Sorman, Molly Breene, and Amber Hatfield

I’m Paula Hansen, Chief Revenue Officer for SAP Customer Experience and the host of ExPEERience. Thank you for listening.