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Asserting the role of public relations as a management discipline in the organisations that it serves and society.

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2nd April 2021  //  #FuturePRoof podcast: lockdown eases in England

About #FuturePRoof

We love working with the team at #FuturePRoof.  They had already started their podcast, but wanted to increase their listeners and to have the confidence to promote  what they were doing, safe in the knowledge that it sounded slick and professional.

We helped them source and license appropriate music and added some magical touches to their audio.

We also reviewed their hosting and pushed out to some new destinations.

The Latest Episode of

2nd April 2021  //  #FuturePRoof podcast: lockdown eases in England

#FuturePRoof podcast: lockdown eases in England

With Stephen and Sarah Waddington

Report backlash: A commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report claims that the UK “no longer” has a system rigged against people from ethnic minorities. Denial doesn’t help anyone

Hybrid workplace: Employers reporting increased productivity benefits from homeworking compared to last summer according to the CIPD. We’ve found our home working rhythm

Shocking social: Amazon has gone on the offensive last week replying directly to critical tweets. ‘Fake’ Twitter users have rushed to Amazon’s defense over unions and working conditions

Audio copycat: Clubhouse launched as a social audio platform in April 2020. Then Facebook and Twitter created live audio meeting rooms. Now startup Ping Pong allows audio and video messages to be shared in messaging channels

Silencing social: Facebook has followed Twitter in allowing users to limit who can respond to posts. The goal is the make social media a safe space but could limit public discourse

Volkswagen fools: April Fools was cancelled this year apart from Volkswagen which rebranded as Voltswagen. The results were predictable

Round-up: Elizabeth Bananuka has launched the #TheXec leadership scheme for Black, Asian, Mixed Race & Ethnic Minority PR & comms. New books published from John O’Brien and David Gallagher on purpose, and Jenni Field on internal communications