Asserting the role of public relations as a management discipline in the organisations that it serves and society.

About #FuturePRoof

We love working with the team at #FuturePRoof.  They had already started their podcast, but wanted to increase their listeners and to have the confidence to promote  what they were doing, safe in the knowledge that it sounded slick and professional.

We helped them source and license appropriate music and added some magical touches to their audio.

We also reviewed their hosting and pushed out to some new destinations.

The Latest Episode of

#FuturePRoof podcast: Socially Mobile update

With Stephen and Sarah Waddington

Socially Mobile is a not for profit public relations school that aims to help practitioners achieve their earning potential. It is applying an executive education model to help address socio-economic diversity within the industry.

The project expects to launch its first cohort of students in October. The learning design is complete and content production underway. We're looking for support sharing the story of Socially Mobile with industry networks, candidate recruitment, and assessment and marketing.

We're grateful to the growing Socially Mobile community but especially donors, sponsors and teachers. Our sponsors include Astute.Work, CoverageBook, Curzon PR, Don't Cry Wolf, Porter Novelli, Story Comms and Wadds Inc.

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