From Heriot Brown, Scott Brown speaks with people from across the legal profession, who share the three lessons they've learnt through the course of their careers.

About Lessons I Learned in Law

Scott Brown is a ‘recovering lawyer’.

Following years working in international law firms, Scott now runs Heriot Brown – a Legal Recruitment business. His extensive discussions with people across the legal profession have given him insight into what makes lawyers tick.

Now, Scott shares those insights with you – to help you in your career.

Each week Scott invites guests to leave their egos at their door, share their professional successes and challenges, as well as the lessons they’ve learned in law.

The Latest Episode of
Lessons I Learned in Law

In this episode of Lessons I Learned in Law Scott Brown talks to Founder and CEO of Beam, Alex Stephany.  Launched in 2017, Beam is an innovative tech platform supporting homeless people and refugees into stable jobs and homes. Before launching Beam, Alex was CEO of JustPark where he led the largest ever crowdfunding round for a tech startup at the time.

Alex explains the mission behind Beam and what motivated him to start it. He also shares some of the lessons he learned in law including:

·      If you can, give back. 

·      Don’t underestimate the importance of attention to detail. 

·      Impress everyone. This is a small, interconnected world so try and do right by everyone you come across. 

An expert on the sharing economy, Alex is the author of The Business of Sharing.

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