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Sarah Waddington


Interviews with some of the North’s most influential leaders offering professional and personal perspectives on each person’s role, the economy, politics, communications and more.

Latest Episode

29th June 2020  //  Amy Mooney

About My Friends In The North

PR and Management consultant Sarah Waddington wanted to start a podcast to both showcase the vibrant business community in the North East of England and also provide a platform for her clients.

Sarah was confident in sourcing guests, writing and conducting interviews and recording material, but wanted support and guidance in production and distribution.

We assisted with sourcing music and voice overs and produce and mix the podcast each month. We also set up hosting, an RSS feed and pushed out to all major platforms.

The Latest Episode of
My Friends In The North

29th June 2020  //  Amy Mooney

My Friends in the North

My Friends in the North is a twenty-minute podcast series from North East entrepreneur Sarah Waddington in which she interviews some of the North’s leading business and community figures.

Here she speaks to owner and managing director of Gas Angel Heating, Amy Mooney, about moving from marketing and branding into the gas and heating industry after sixteen years and:

  • Helping vulnerable people during the COVID-19 lockdown
  • Finding balance where there is a husband-wife working partnership
  • Tips for blended families
  • Raising a family of boys
  • The Government’s messaging around the lockdown and subsequent easing
  • Social capital and Gas Angel Heating’s support for Just One Tree

If you’d like to keep up to date with what Amy is doing, you can connect with her on Twitter @Amy1Mooney

We’re always interested in hearing new voices and stories on My Friends in the North so if you or a client would like to be involved, please do drop me a line at Sarah@Astute.Work.