About My Friends In The North

PR and Management consultant Sarah Waddington wanted to start a podcast to both showcase the vibrant business community in the North East of England and also provide a platform for her clients.

Sarah was confident in sourcing guests, writing and conducting interviews and recording material, but wanted support and guidance in production and distribution.

We assisted with sourcing music and voice overs and produce and mix the podcast each month. We also set up hosting, an RSS feed and pushed out to all major platforms.

The Latest Episode of
My Friends In The North

My Friends in the North is a twenty-minute podcast series from North East entrepreneur Sarah Waddington in which she interviews some of the North’s leading business and community figures.

 Here she talks to author Jenny Pearson about her latest book, The Incredible Record Smashers, which made The Times’ Book of the Week and:

  1. Her latest success, her passion for writing and where she gets her inspiration from
  2. Tackling big issues such as loss and depression
  3. What our young people today need post-COVID
  4. Her varied career path and balancing teaching with writing
  5. Her recent work with Children’s Cancer North and the poem she co-created about the ringing of the bell to mark the end of cancer treatment
  6. The book she’s reading at the moment and whether she recommends it

If you would like to keep up to date with Jenny’s news, follow her Facebook page which is Jenny Pearson Author or find her on Twitter @J_C_Pearson.

Got a story you’d like to share? If you or anyone you know might make an interesting guest, please do drop me a line at Sarah@Astute.Work. Thanks a lot.