About Northern Power Women

We were delighted  to be commissioned to create a podcast for the awesome Northern Power Women. And for nearly two years we produced an hour long magazine stye show each month, bringing you a  no holds barred discussion on the biggest issues that affect our careers and lives – recorded in front of a live audience every single month. There were also in-depth interviews and an advice style section called Ask The Hive.

When Covid-19 hit in March 2020, we pivoted to become a weekly podcast, full of news, updates, discussion and your Life Lessons.

The Latest Episode of
Northern Power Women

To find out  Simone Roche MBE chats to Person with Purpose NPW Award Winner Alison Madgin.   

Together Simone and Alison chat about Samantha's tragic attack and Alison’s purpose to tackle knife crime 

Please be aware this episode contains descriptions of knife violence

Listen to learn:   

  • Samantha’s story 
  • How Alison is tackling knife crime 
  • Why it is important to educate young people, so they do not go down the wrong path 
  • What’s next for Samantha’s legacy 

To find out more about Samantha's story and the work undertaken by Samantha's Legacy please visit their website

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