The MCA Prodcast is your fix for everything innovative in advertising production.

About The MCA Prodcast

This is your fix for everything innovative in advertising production. 

On each episode MCA’s founder and CEO Pat Murphy speaks to the movers and shakers who are driving the agenda and shaping the world of production for the future

He’ll be asking searching questions about their views of what will be coming round the corner so brands can act smarter and with greater efficiency, to deliver outstanding creative campaigns

You’ll hear who their best partners might be to deliver that for them across a multitude of channels and media types, and we might even hark back to some great old ads that have stood the test of time.

The Latest Episode of
The MCA Prodcast

This week on The MCA Prodcast Pat Murphy talks to Nick Dodet, Founder and Managing Partner at PIG China. Over the years, Nick has produced over 800 TV commercials, including some of the biggest films in Chinese advertising history. He’s worked with iconic global talent such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Nicholas Cage, David Beckham and Jodie Foster to name just a few! 

What’s in a name? Nick reveals the story behind the rather unusual name for his business and how, over the years, the name has taken on a life of its own. Nick also explains how the Chinese advertising industry differs to Western markets that he was previously familiar with and how he needed to adapt his business accordingly. Nick was able to exploit his status as a ‘foreigner’ to bypass traditional hierarchical structures in China and achieve things he most-likely couldn’t if he were a Chinese national.

Nick and Pat discuss the shift towards AI and how brands are adopting it in China. Nick suggests take-up of these technologies is slightly slower in China but brands are moving that way. He says the demand amongst brands to adopt AI feels akin to 10 – 12 years ago when brands wanted to create apps, even if they didn’t really have a need for an app! Nick also considers the potential role blockchain technology could play in the future of IP management and control.

Watch Nick’s favourite ad: VW Polo – Protection 


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