Sam Walker’s Desert Diaries - Highlights

Excerpts from the multi-award winning podcast


What's it like to actually follow your dreams? Desert Diaries is the brutally honest account of one family's move from the rainy suburbs of Manchester to the scorched wilderness of Arizona. Excitement, frustration, fear, joy, loneliness and scorpions. Quite a lot of scorpions. All life is here.


Winner - British Podcast Awards 2020
Best Entertainment Podcast - Bronze

Winner - Best of Phoenix 2020
Best Podcast, Phoenix New Times


1Do you have a crazy dream? Have you done anything about it?

We did and we did nothing for years. Nothing. But then we did.

And here is how it all began.
2Week one: We made it....but only just!
5Week four: AGHHHHHHH!! Feeling 17 again, for ALL the wrong reasons......
7Week six: It's so hot, I feel like a Sunday Roast. Not eating one, I feel like I am one. And life and housework goes on, but it's fun to find the joy in the mundane.
10Week nine: Our furniture finally arrives after its epic journey and we move into our new house...where horror awaits!
14Week thirteen: La La Land. We nip up the road to Hollywood.
17Week sixteen: A devastating week for our family when we get a cruel reminder that with adventure, comes risk.
18Week seventeen: The dog finds us our first live snake! We ride back in time on our first desert trek and learn the legend of lost gold!
19Week eighteen: I finally pass my driving test...28 years after taking my first one! Life throws us a curve ball and I need to leave the USA.
20Week nineteen: I head to Australia to wait and see how sick my mum is. Its the second time in my life I hadn't planned to go to Perth, but ended up there....
21Week twenty: Faced with a dreadful prognosis, we decide not to wait for someone to tell us how long my mum has left to live and decide to go out and find life.
22Week twenty-one: Mum and I keep driving north, through desert, alongside dramatic cliffs and reach a kind of paradise. But all good things must come to an end...
28Week twenty-seven: We visit the amazing town of Jerome and learn about wine, ghosts and women of the night! We wave goodbye to family and I leave Arizona again!
31Week thirty: As we host our first ever Thanksgiving with new friends, I take stock of the last six months and share some challenges I haven't mentioned before.
33Week thirty-two: I head off on a three-state road trip and discover Trump's America.
36Week thirty-five: We ring in the new year in both London and Phoenix but get distracted by a desert menagerie in our garden!
43Week forty-two: The big decisions we made cause some anxiety about letting go of the past
58After a horrible experience with a huge bully, we set off to find solace in a very British way!
59An unbelievable week involving wild claims, violent threats, police escorts and massive trucks.
60We escape the valley for a few days, before continued adventures with trucks and a big problem with a lack of water.
68Attempts to buy the most simple of items brings home the fact that the United States and Great Britain are indeed, as George Bernard Shaw wrote, two countries separated by a common language!
76School is back for the autumn, but the weather has yet to catch up. A trip to the shops take us down an unexpected rabbit hole....
78A week full of wonderful adventures and very difficult news. This one is for you Abigail Goswell. x